Homeownership April 1, 2022

Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

The snow is disappearing, daily high temperatures are reaching double digits and beach weather is quickly approaching. To be honest, we couldn’t be more excited to soak up the famous Saskatoon sun! But while you are searching for your shorts and sunscreen in preparation to spend more time outside of your home, there are a few spring home maintenance tasks you should check in on after our harsh Saskatchewan winters. 


  • Check for soil settlement at the foundation
    • Fill where necessary to maintain positive slope for water to drain away from the foundation
  • Check eaves troughs and downspouts for loose joints, clear any obstructions and ensure water flows away from your foundation
    • Remove any large amounts of leftover snow near your home
  • Ensure sump pump is operating properly, discharging water away from the foundation
  • Check for and seal off any holes in exterior cladding 
    • These could be an entry point for unwanted house guests such as insects and small pests
  • Check the teleposts to make sure they are sufficiently supporting the beam
    • If you notice a gap, adjust as required
  • Change furnace filter and clean Heat Recovery Vent (HRV) and over the range hood filters if applicable
  • Check for signs of termites
    • They like to swarm in the spring, so beware of winged insects flying out of a hole in woodwork
  • Test carbon monoxide and smoke detectors
  • Inspect the roof and associated exteriors finishes for damages and leaks
  • Clean and service fireplaces and chimneys
  • Check and clean out your dryer vent to minimize fire hazards
  • Check caulking and weather stripping throughout your home
  • Get rid of any standing water to prevent mosquitos around the home
  • Clean windows, screens and hardware
    • Check screen doors and windows for holes and tears
  • Inspect garage doors, driveways and walkways for damages
  • Inspect deck for required maintenance if applicable
    • Staining and resealing exterior woodwork is always a good idea
  • Inspect private sewage system if applicable
  • Check in on sprinkler and irrigation systems
    • Inspect for broken heads, adjust points that spray the house (especially windows), street, sidewalk or porches
    • Turn on water to outdoor taps and inspect for leaks
  • Adjust your programmable thermostat for the spring temperatures
    • Optimizes efficiency and lowers costs


Refer to our spring home maintenance checklist to help you maintain the integrity of value in your home, not to mention avoiding any potentially pricey fixes later! Of course, regardless of if you’re buying or selling, our team of experienced real estate professionals are here to help you navigate the spring housing market.