Homeownership Achieve a Stunning Summer Yard: Top 5 Tips for Saskatchewan Homeowners Summer in Saskatchewan is a time to embrace the outdoors, enjoy the long days, and make the most of your beautiful yard. Whether you’re looking to enhance your curb appeal or create a relaxing outdoor oasis, these top five tips will help you achieve a gorgeous yard this summer. 1. Choose the Right Plants for […]
6 Saskatoon Festivals to Keep You Busy for the Rest of the Summer Summer is always a season of spending time with friends and family, soaking up the sun, and taking a break from the stresses of the school year. As we move into August, though, the initial excitement from the start of the season starts to wear off. We’ve settled into the routine of it all and […]
Homeownership 7 Tips for Saving Energy At Home With the cost of living continuing to climb with inflation, many of us are looking for new ways to save on our expenses. Sure, you can cut back on the daily Starbucks visits and finally cancel that one subscription you aren’t even using. However, neither will cut down on the one bill everyone dreads each […]
Buying Saskatoon’s Most Popular Neighbourhoods   Looking for the most popular neighborhoods in Saskatoon? We’re happy to share our knowledge and experience to help you find the perfect place to call home!   Nutana   First up, we have Nutana. This charming and historic neighborhood boasts beautiful tree-lined streets, a mix of character homes and newer builds, and a vibrant […]
Buying 10 Tips When Moving With Kids   Moving is a stressful and uncertain time in your life, and it can be more so for kids, especially when they need to change schools, neighbourhoods or even countries. Informing your children about the move and following these few ideas might alleviate some stress.   Take Your Time   Allow extra time during all […]
Lifestyle Saskatoons Best Pasta Restaurants To Try For Valentine’s   Valentine’s Day is a lovely excuse to get together with your partner for a date night or go out and eat some delicious food with friends. Here are a few fantastic locally-owned restaurants specializing in pasta dishes located in downtown Saskatoon.   La Cucina La Cucina is a locally owned Italian restaurant that uses […]
How-to Organize Kitchen Cabinets   If your kitchen is anything like mine, the cupboards are always in disarray, and you have about three bottles of cumin and two bottles of opened soy sauce. We all could use a little organization when it comes to our kitchen. Here are a few handy ideas to get your kitchen organized.   Start […]
8 Ways to be More Productive in the New Year   As the new year approaches, it’s essential to look for ways to stay motivated and productive. Here are a few great tips and tricks to keep you on track in 2023.    Visualize it The power of positive thinking can elevate your mood and perception of what’s possible. Visualizing yourself accomplishing a goal and […]
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My Fave: Jacques Torres Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe   I found this Jacques Torres cookie recipe years ago, and I try to make them every Christmas. Not only is it an all-time favourite cookie of mine, I also have family and friends request that I make them.    They are soft, chewy and delicious—a real show-stopper. They take longer to make than standard […]
9 Tips to Keep Houseplants in Winter   Plants are excellent stress relief, and the leafy greenery will brighten anyone’s mood. Winter is a time for staying inside, being cozy and hibernating. Plants also enjoy hibernating and resting in these months. Here are a few tips to take care of house plants over winter to not shock their system.   Cut Back […]
How to Build the Perfect Snowman Making a snow person was my favourite pastime when I was a kid. I used to create families of snow people, including pets, and a home for them to live in. There is a bit of science behind the snow consistency and the success rate of building the perfect snowman.   The Right Snow Proper […]
Surviving Winter Blues   Here in Saskatchewan, winter is a drag, the snow, the ice, and the overall coldness. It is hard to leave your house, and being cozy is the ultimate goal. However, here is a helpful list of fighting off winter blues that can boost your mood and improve your mental health.   What is Seasonal […]
Saskatoon Winter Activities to Try!   Outdoor activities don’t need to stop because winter has arrived. Saskatoon has a lot of exciting things to do as it gets colder. Below is a short list of ideas for keeping you active throughout the winter.   Skating   I enjoy skating as a winter activity and try to do as much as […]
Lifestyle Halloween Treat > Caramel Apples   Since Halloween is coming up this Monday, I wanted to share my all-time favourite Halloween treat. My mother and I made them when I was a kid, and we gave them out to trick-or-treaters. Those days are gone, but the nostalgia still lives on.   Caramel apples are a super versatile treat. They are […]
7 Fall Decorating Trends     Autumn is a beautiful time to slow down, reflect and wear a scarf. Your wardrobe is getting cozy, and your home is also a place to add warmth. It’s time to change your summer decor for bold, dark colours, rich woods and textured blankets. Refreshing your home for fall doesn’t have to be […]
How to Make Your Bookshelves Shine   I have often thought about having wall-to-wall bookshelves and a library, but then there is the issue of trying to fill up the shelves thoughtfully. Careful curation of objects and books can add charm and personality to your space. Here are a few great ideas to mindfully decorate without cluttering up your bookshelves. Stack Books […]
Homeownership Basements, More Than Storage!   Basements are a waste of space to some people, but they don’t have to be. They can serve many different purposes than just a storage facility. If your basement is finished or you’re thinking about finishing it, consider some fabulous ideas below!   Home Theatre  Take that extra living room and turn it into […]
How to Host Guests Stress-Free   Are you planning to host a group of people, and you feel the anxiety building up? These helpful tips will guide you through everything you need to know about becoming the ultimate host. Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff Whether you are hosting a quaint get-together or an elaborate party, it is essential to remember […]
Homeownership 9 Simple Autumn Home Maintenance Tasks     Autumn is a time for coziness, pumpkin spice and candles; however, it should also be a time of home maintenance preparation before winter. Here are a few essential items to perform around the house before it gets cold.   1. Clean, or possibly replace your gutters Cleaning your home’s gutters is a key […]
5 Dog-Friendly Patios in Saskatoon Saskatoon has a variety of restaurants, but have you ever wanted to bring your four-legged friend along for a meal?  Never leave your dog at home again with these delightful restaurants with pet-friendly patios.   Prairie Sun Brewery Prairie Sun is located just after the bridge on Broadway. It is easily walkable with your furry […]