Lifestyle November 4, 2022

Saskatoon Winter Activities to Try!


Outdoor activities don’t need to stop because winter has arrived. Saskatoon has a lot of exciting things to do as it gets colder. Below is a short list of ideas for keeping you active throughout the winter.




I enjoy skating as a winter activity and try to do as much as possible. Some great ice rinks are the Cameco-sponsored rink by the Bessborough Hotel, rental skates and ice time by donation. You don’t need to be a speed skater to enjoy the Clarence Downey Speed Skating Oval on Dudley Street. It is a smooth and fast surface, my favourite rink. Outdoor rinks and ponds are all over Saskatoon to skate on. Crossmount Cider is just outside the city and has a lovely skating area. After a cold day of skating, warm up in the chalet with a cider or two.




A new fun winter activity to try with friends, alone or with your dog. Rentals are available at Escape Sports. The kicksled has two thin runners and a handlebar about waist height. The runners have rubberized pads for your feet to keep balance, and some have seat upfront for a child. If you feel like bringing your pup, they can be harnessed to the kicksled and pull you along—there is a brake if you are going too fast.




Walking is a fantastic way to stay in shape all winter long. There are a few perfect spots to walk in Saskatoon. My favourite is the Meewasin trails, located all along the river, sheltered from the elements with wooded areas—birds are plentiful and have panoramic views. The zoo is entirely free in winter, and they have paved pathways. While walking around the zoo, a few animals will sometimes be out and about. Beaver Creek is just outside of Saskatoon and has fantastic wooded trails to wander around with tons of wildlife—hand-feeding the chickadees is surprisingly delightful.




Located right in Saskatoon on the east side—only a couple of years old, Optimist Hill provides an excellent experience for beginner snowboarders and skiers, with one dedicated side for tubing. There is also a free hill for toboggans! It has ski and snowboard instructors if you are interested in learning from a professional and full rental for equipment, including helmets. Very affordable.


Winter Birding


Birdwatching is fun for the whole family and a fantastic low-key activity to enjoy. Living Sky Wildlife Rehabilitation offers private guided birding tours in and around Saskatoon in various parks. Many bird species native to Saskatchewan are worth learning about, such as woodpeckers, finches, nuthatches and various other songbirds that live in wooded portions of Saskatoon’s naturalized parks.


Tip: Add a birdfeeder in your backyard and watch all the birds flock there. If you want to go one step further, buy a Saskatchewan bird species book for extra fun!


Whatever your fitness level, hopefully, you have found at least one activity to try out this winter from this list. Enjoying time outside can boost your mood and relieve stress.


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