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Moving and Selling with Pets



Buying or selling a home with pets can seem daunting for everyone involved. Here are a few great tips to make moving with a pet easier.


Buying a Home as a Pet Owner


Pet owners buying a new home should consider their furry friends’ current and future needs. This can restrict the number of house choices available and create additional expenses to make modifications. Some pet-owner questions to ponder are:


Condo Life and Pets – What Should I Think About?


Before falling in love with a condo or townhouse, start by investigating the pet restrictions. Whether you have pets or plan to in the future, check the condo board rules. In general, condo townhouses have fewer restrictions than condo apartments. You should be able to inquire about pet rules and regulations through your REALTOR®, the condo property manager or by checking the by-laws (on the unit’s status certificate).

Some common restrictions are as follows:

  • How many pets can you have?
  • Is there a specific weight limit?
  • What type of pets can you have (some condos only allow cats, for example)?
  • Limits on pet noise?
  • Rules about where pets can relieve themselves?
  • Rules about pet access?
  • Do you have to register the pet with the building?
  • Are there extra fees to have pets?


I Have Pets and am Selling my Home – What to do?


When selling your home, you want it to appeal to the masses—both the buyers who love pets and the buyers who do not. Firstly, to attract the attention of pet owners, mention things about the property, like a fully fenced yard, near parks, and let buyers know about the pet restrictions (if there are any). The second crowd you need to appeal to is the pet-free crowd. Many buyers have pet allergies and get nervous about the “dirt” that animals leave behind. If possible, deep clean the whole house before each showing, and remove any signs of a pet and your actual pet. 

The key takeaway is that you remove the pet(s) before showing a home to eliminate distractions. On the other hand, animals can also get stressed with strangers in their house, and the last thing you want is to have your cat, dog, or rabbit run out through an open door. Ask your REALTOR® about giving you a heads up to remove your pets before they bring clients.


If you have some furry friends and want to buy or sell comfortably, let me help you find the perfect house!

Lifestyle July 22, 2022

5 Dog-Friendly Patios in Saskatoon

Saskatoon has a variety of restaurants, but have you ever wanted to bring your four-legged friend along for a meal? 

Never leave your dog at home again with these delightful restaurants with pet-friendly patios.


Prairie Sun Brewery

Prairie Sun is located just after the bridge on Broadway. It is easily walkable with your furry friend from downtown and surrounding neighbourhoods. Sit down, drink a beer and eat some delicious food on their sunny patio, which is open for dogs and people alike. Prairie Sun started as just a local craft beer brewery and has expanded into the restaurant hot spot it is today.


Leopold’s Tavern (Rosewood)

The Rosewood location of Leopold’s Tavern has a great dog-friendly patio, enclosed with a backyard vibe. The patio features an exclusive pet and person-side entrance. The staff graciously greets you with a treat for your dog. Enjoy elevated pub food and a great selection of drinks at the Tavern.


Stumbletown Distilling

Stumbletown is a new establishment on Quebec Avenue, off Idylwyld—an easy walk from Mayfair or Caswell Hill. The quaint patio is a great place to bring your dog, have a few drinks, munch on some snacks and unwind. The distillery makes various flavours of gin and gin cocktails. On your way out, grab a bottle of gin to take home!


Cohen’s Beer Republic

Cohen’s is located in Riversdale on the corner of Idylwyld and 20th Street. You can’t miss the curved dark blue building! There is a small, yet mighty, patio for you and your dog to enjoy, which is very walkable from downtown, Riversdale, or other surrounding neighbourhoods. They have lovely drinks and an eclectic menu sure to please anyone. 


City Perks

City Perks is an adorable local cafe in the heart of City Park. A semi-enclosed deck is an excellent place for your pup, and it’s well shaded with mature trees and table umbrellas—a quick walk from the river pathways and parks along Spadina. The cafe’s food, drink and dessert menus are incredible. Bring your dog and stay for the cheesecake.


Make any outing more enjoyable by bringing your dog with you to these yummy Saskatoon restaurants. All of these eateries have a nice patio space to share food, drinks, and a water bowl with your four-legged friend!

Homeownership July 15, 2022

Inexpensive Tricks to Bring Luxury into Your Home

Want to jazz up your space to be luxurious but don’t have a lot of extra income? There are numerous things you can do on a budget to give your room a touch of class.

Keep reading for great tips and tricks to get those luxury vibes without burning a hole in your pocketbook.


Impactful Lighting Fixtures

If your light fixtures look dated or no longer fit the vibe of your home, think about updating them with statement light fixtures. A statement light fixture is an excellent investment, it creates an elevated look and focal point in your space.

Some excellent affordable options would be buying a cylinder shade or drum for your existing lights. Vintage shops or discount home stores might be another great place to look.


Mirror, Mirror on the Wall…

Mirrors reflect a sense of space and openness. They are relatively inexpensive, easy to find, to hang and instantly change the look of any room. Mirrors visually add square footage and bounce light to create a brighter space.

Try adding mirror closet doors to make any bedroom look bigger or create a statement wall of different mirrors, ornate frames or otherwise. Mirrors are great for mixing and matching sizes and styles.


Accent Tables for Practicality and Style

An accent table is a practical solution to add a touch of elegance to any room. Go for a mixed material table to add flare. Placing a table between two chairs or a sofa can elevate any space.


Fresh Painting or Wallpaper

Painting is probably the most common way to change a room, and it boasts a lot of impact for not a lot of money. Once popular paint colours like whites, greys and blues are fading away, clients opt for natural, cozy tones like creams, taupes, and beige. For an eclectic vibe, seek purples, chocolates and even hunter greens.

Wallpaper is a little more complex to install and pricy, but a great one can be a showstopper. It is also great for hiding existing wall imperfections or covering an unpaintable older wall. Try wallpaper in a hallway, accent wall in a bedroom or make a mundane small bathroom pop.


Switch out Furniture Hardware 

It is easy to forget how much furniture impacts a room. If your furniture feels dated or isn’t fitting within your space anymore, try changing out the hardware. Updating the knobs and handles of a piece can bring a more modern or vintage look, depending on what style you like. In the kitchen, it’s nice to update the handles frequently to keep it chic.


Transform Chairs with Fabric or Paint to Luxury Seating

For the past few years, painting and reupholstering old furniture has been all the rage, and it’s not stopping anytime soon. 

Having a set of chairs that coordinate with the rest of the room brings in a luxe custom feel. Pick a paint colour that is part of your existing room colour palette. Paint your chairs and then look for fabric to upholster them.

Choose a fabric that encompasses the colours of the existing room’s decor and the new paint colour. The textile can be as tame or wild as you want. Try a solid or bold pattern.

You only need a little bit of fabric for this transformation project, so go ahead and invest in a luxe, high-end or designer one.


Dramatic Floor-to-Ceiling Curtains

Layers, whether in clothing or a home, always make everything look put together. Instead of adding just a basic curtain, try hanging curtains from the top of the ceiling for a dramatic effect.

Curtains hung from the ceiling help to visually create more height and space by drawing the eye upwards. Pick a light, airy fabric to let the natural light seep in.

Buy curtains that are longer than needed and trim them from the bottom, rather than getting custom-made curtainsan excellent cost-effective option.


Make an Impact with Small, Bold Accessories

Accessorize your space with objects that don’t blend in; pick unique ones that will stand out. Choose a bold colour palette or mixed material pieces, like an ornate or gold mirror over a fireplace.

Lamps, decorative boxes, fresh flowers, antiques or coffee table books are also impactful in any space.


Update Hardware and Re-paint Old, Outdated Cabinets

Refresh and renew kitchen and bathroom cupboards with a fresh coat of paint. 

Adding a new set of hardware, like drawer pulls and knobs, can also help complement the new paint colour.

The average cost of this makeover is under $500, compared to installing all-new cabinets, which would likely set you back a few thousand dollars.


These tips and tricks will help you spruce up your home in no time! Whether you are staging your home to sell or want to enjoy your decorating efforts, these inexpensive tips are sure to please. 

If you want to sell your home, contact your local REALTOR® today!

Selling July 8, 2022

Engage the 5 Senses in Home Staging

Staging a home with only furniture and objects is an “easy” task, but it is possible to engage potential home buyers further by staging with all five senses. 

Staging this way helps clients feel more at ease and brings the wow factor.



Sight is the most crucial factor in staging a home. It is also the easiest sense to activate when selling a home. When staging your home, take into consideration these few things to open up the potential of your home:

  • Declutter
  • Remove personal items, such as family photos and hobbies
  • Open curtains and blinds to promote bright light
  • Turn on all the lights in the home to showcase all its great features
  • Place ornate decorations around the house to accentuate specific focal points, like a fireplace mantel or window seat
  • Start pre-packing


While the sound might seem like an afterthought when you think of selling your home, it can significantly impact potential buyers. The quieter the house, the more appealing it is.

  • Remove noisy animals
  • Replace old loud bathroom and hood fans
  • Keep the music low and ambient, and avoid disruptive music
  • Ask neighbours to be quiet during showings
  • Close windows to alleviate annoying outside noises, like screaming kids and motors
  • Fix creaking floors and squeaky doors


The home’s smell can either deter buyers or draw them in. When staging your home, keep these things in mind:

  • Subtle aromas can enhance a viewer’s experience like candles or essential oils
  • Baking some delicious cookies or banana bread would be a good idea
  • Remove pet smells, like damp dog or litter boxes
  • Avoid cooking anything pungent around showings



Baking some delicious cookies or banana bread for the smell can also be set out for eating, activating the taste sense. Presenting people with food always lightens the mood and makes the house feel cozier. If you don’t have time to bake, placing candy or chocolate bars out will have the same dopamine-releasing effect and improve the mood of any potential buyer.



As someone who enjoys touching every single fabric or surface in a home or store, touch is a big selling feature. When staging your home, don’t overlook exciting textures and patterns that will allow potential buyers to linger in the area for longer. The opposite effect can happen when grit is on the floor or spills on the counter, which can be off-putting. Take into consideration these key points:

  • Clean the walls 
  • Remove dirt from surfaces of the home
  • Include hand sanitizer at the door for a refreshing sensation

By activating all five senses when showing a home, the experience will be more positive, and the chances of selling your home are greater. 

If you are ready to sell your home or are prepared to make your next purchase, click here or contact your local REALTOR® to get started today.


Homeownership June 30, 2022

Home Toolbox Must Haves

Even if you aren’t handy, that is okay, and it is still nice to have all these tools on hand for any break or project that might happen. The right tool in your toolbox could mean the difference between a big problem and fixing it temporarily and reducing it to a small one. Of course, feel free to call the professionals if the job is too big.

Owning these must have tools and being prepared to use them will save you time and money.


1. Hammer

A hammer is the number one pick to have in your tool kit.

However, with the variety of hammers on the marketplace, make sure you are looking for the best multi-purpose hammer. 

Choose one with a “claw” back for pulling out misplaced nails and a flat head for a smooth finish. A comfort handle is also lovely to prevent hand pain or vibrations. The best hammer weight is 16 ounces.

After purchasing the hammer, don’t forget to buy finishing and general utility nails!


2. Tape measure

A tape measure should be your second toolbox purchase. Measuring is essential for many jobs, including hanging picture frames, planning furniture, flooring purchases, etc.

Any tape measure will do, but remember that the broader (¾ inch) tape measures won’t collapse on themselves and will withstand long-term use.


3. Level

A level is fundamental when moving to a new place to hang all those shelves, artwork and picture frames. These can be of value when building furniture to ensure they are straight and level. 

A level is also great for ensuring your fridge and oven are straight, preventing things from rolling off. A two-foot-long level would be the best multi-purpose choice.


4. Flashlight

A flashlight is great for multiple reasons, whether the power has gone out or your cat has lost its favourite toy under the sofa. A flashlight is excellent, but even more helpful is a headlight. They are nice to have for small spaces and target light.

I also recommend keeping some spare batteries with the flashlight just in case or for other electronics.

5. Allen key set

The easily assembled furniture by Ikea popularized allen keys. They are also just great to have around. They are “key” for assembling or disassembling household devices, structures and furniture, which are often held together with hexagonal screws. 

Think about purchasing a complete set of allen keys for the variety of sizes you may encounter. Trust me, they are instrumental to have around—you never know when you will need one in a pinch.


6. Screwdriver set or multi-bit screwdriver

Screwdrivers and screws come in a variety of different shapes and sizes. 

A multi-bit screwdriver is excellent for space-saving, but they can be flimsy during specific projects. A set of screwdrivers will take up more space but are sturdier for many tough jobs.

Overall, they are fantastic for whatever handy jobs are thrown at you.


7. Utility knife

A good quality knife is an excellent addition to any home, especially for first-time homebuyers. It is perfect for opening and breaking down all those moving boxes. They are not only great for opening packages but also for cleaning up caulking and trimming carpets. 

Make sure to grab a sturdy full-size utility knife for product longevity. 

8. Duct tape

If you are from Canada, you will know that the Red Green Show swears by this stuff. Duct tape is excellent for adhering to almost any material and is incredible for fast fixes! It is perfect for fixing holey tarps, organizing or fastening power cords, patching hoses and even fixing a leaking tub. I have temporarily stopped a pesky pipe leak with a piece of gum and duct tape before. 

9. Pliers set

A plier set would be ideal, but if you are looking for space-saving, I recommend needle nose pliers and linesman pliers. 

Needle nose pliers are great for manipulating small objects or reaching that piece of paper that fell between the fridge and wall. 

Linesman pliers are ideal for stripping electrical wires or tightening bolts in a pinch. 

Invest in a good set or pairs of pliers for overall strengthcheap ones easily break.


10. Handsaw or hacksaw

A handsaw is excellent for smaller projects where only minimal sawing is necessary. A saw can help quickly cut pvc pipe or doweling. However, a power saw or jigsaw might be a better option if you are looking at sawing things more frequently.


11. Adjustable wrench / wrench set

Wrenches are a great set of tools to have. In my experience, they are great for plumbing, putting furniture together and mechanical work. 

It would be beneficial to have a wrench set with long handles that are good for leverage, and short handles are great for tight spots.

An adjustable wrench is a friendly do-it-all tool, but there are limitations to what it can do. A wrench set would be the better choice.

Look into open crescent wrenches and closed ratchet wrenches for various needs.

12. Power Drill/Driver

Power tools might be intimidating, but owning a power drill makes life a little easier. Instead of turning a screw 100 times and stripping it with a regular driver, a power drill gets the job done in seconds. I have used my power drill more times than I can count, and it has been an excellent addition to my tool kit. A cordless option is best to avoid the limitations of cords.


While you don’t need to buy every single tool at once, I recommend purchasing these tools as problems arise, but it doesn’t hurt to go out and buy them all at once. As time goes on, you will find better tools for the job, but these are essential tools to cover various issues that will arise.

If you need a home to use all these tools on, contact your local REALTOR® today!

Homeownership June 24, 2022

Moving as a Retiree? Here are Some Things to Consider

It’s an exciting time in your life! You have finished your career, and you are ready to retire. And as a result, you might be considering moving or downsizing to help meet your new needs. Here are some things you may want to consider while looking for a new home as a retiree. 



The number one thing to think about when looking for a new home as a retiree is how much you want to spend and how much you can afford in the future. These are some factors that may influence your budget:

  • Retirement Income
      • What is your future income stream, and how much do you want to spend on a mortgage? 
  • Savings
      • How much do you have in savings, and what amount do you want to spend on a new home?
  • Sale of Home
    • If you sell the home you’re in now, what price would you want, and how would that inform what you can afford to buy?


Commitment Level

What are your home needs now, and what do you expect them to be in the next ten years? Try to be realistic about what you want and need in your home. 

  • Lawn Care
      • Taking care of a yard is a huge commitment. While it may be something that you can handle now, moving is a great chance to decide if this is something you want to continue to upkeep in the future. And by joining a community garden, you can still enjoy being outdoors with less commitment. 
  • Stairs
      • Physical structures like stairs may become a hindrance in the future. It may be a good idea to look for somewhere that is accessible to accommodate you as your needs change.
  • Transportation
      • As you look for a new place, consider what transportation options are available. Are there accessible parking spots? What about nearby public transit options? It’s good to have various options as you look for somewhere new. 
  • Travel
    • How much time do you plan to spend at home in retirement? Some want a “home base” but will travel for up to 6 months of the year. If you will be travelling extensively, that should factor into how much you want to spend on your new home. 



Perhaps this new move is a chance to explore your location options. After all, retirement is an excellent time to try something new. 

  • Rural vs. Urban
      • Do you want to live in the hustle of the city or spend your time in the peace of a lakeside village? Knowing what social environment is essential to deciding where to live.
  • Shared vs. Single
      • A smaller, single-family home can still be a good option depending on your family’s needs. However, some people prefer to live in a condo or a shared living community for the social aspect.
  • Nearby Amenities
    • Choosing a neighbourhood that has the amenities you need is critical. Whether that includes parks, gyms, or shopping districts is up to you and your preferred lifestyle!



Speaking of amenities, it is essential that you know what kind of amenities you want in your new home. If you are looking at shared living space, what options are available in the building could be a huge selling feature. Single-family homes also will offer different possible amenities or spaces for you. Knowing what you need and want will help you narrow down your list of potential homes. 

  • Hobbies
      • Retirement means you will have ample new free time for your hobbies! Having a workshop, sewing room, fully stocked kitchen, or other rooms dedicated to your hobbies may be great in your new retirement home. 
  • Friends
      • Whether that means friends nearby or space in your home for friends to visit, deciding what you want in a social space is very important.
  • Outdoor Space
    • We touched on this before, but having an outdoor space can be different from having a yard. Some shared living buildings have outdoor green spaces for their residents. Other times that can mean having a nearby park or public green space. However, you should decide how important it is to have outdoor space in your home. 


Retirement can be very exciting, but it can also be stressful trying to navigate your new needs now and in the future. Having a real estate professional to work with can help you decide what is most important and reduce the stress of moving. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or need any assistance!

Buying June 17, 2022

Wondering if it’s Time To Buy? Here Are The Signs!

Owning a home is a huge decision, no doubt one of the biggest decisions you will ever make, and not to be taken lightly. When it is all said and done and you have those keys in your hands, buying a new home is rewarding and freeing with all this space that you can make totally your own. Of course we understand the thought of owning a home might be daunting, but don’t let the cons intimidate you too much, outweighing all the fabulous pros! Finally getting out of that rental place and owning the house of your dreams is just steps away. Or, maybe, you’re a homeowner simply considering a change of environment from your current abode? No matter if you’re a prospective first-time homebuyer or otherwise, here are a few signs you might be ready for an upgrade.


You are Tired of Renting and Want to Build Equity

Are you tired of paying for your landlord’s mortgage in rent instead of your own?

Almost everyone starts by way of rental properties as it’s the quickest and easiest way to gain independence. One of renting’s excellent benefits is being able to rely on someone else for maintenance issues and expenses. Extra expenses like condo fees or property taxes aren’t of concern when renting, but renting can be restrictive when it comes to the ability to really make the space your own.

If this rings clear for you, I think it’s time for you to consider buying your first home! If all your ducks are in a row, you are financially stable or had a great promotion. Home ownership is a significant next step in your life.


You Want More Space

Are you outgrowing your current home? 

Perhaps it’s your first home or you want more room for entertaining. If your family or hobbies are growing, it’s time to upscale! Now is the time to invest in those amenities you have longed for, like a new gym, nursery or bonus room. Once you have experienced a home where storage is lacking, you will appreciate having enough space to tuck unwanted items away even more. In this case, appropriate storage and closet space is a must!


You Want Less Space and Fewer Responsibilities

Do you want less space, less cleaning and less work in general?

The last of the kids have moved out, you don’t have enough time to manage such a large home, or it’s increasingly difficult to keep up your house. Downsizing can be a great way to save money, time, and energy as well. Less space also means lower mortgage rates and taxes.


The Upkeep of Your Current Home is Becoming a Burden

Has your house become a money pit over the last few years? 

If parts of your home break down every month or week, now could be an excellent time for a fresh start. Another great option is to replace that furnace or roof for resale value or leave it for the subsequent owners.


Your Commute has Changed

Do you now work from home, or have you changed jobs in the last few years? 

Maybe your house is too far from your workplace or you’re craving that big office space to work from home. Maybe there are great schools or daycares you have your eye on for the kiddos, but they’re feeling like more and more of a hassle to get to. These are perfectly good reasons to consider uprooting your family to be able to commute quickly to your favourite and most used amenities.


Your Neighbourhood is Deteriorating

Has graffiti, crime or feeling unsafe slowly become a problem in your neighbourhood since you moved in?

Now might be the time to move to a safer area. Nothing compares to the feeling of ease with nice pathways to stroll in parks or even walk with a friend at night without worrying.


You Want To Make Your Mark

Are you dreaming of decorating in your style, new appliances or having that butler pantry?

Building a custom home is an attractive option for those looking for a perfect place. It allows you to pick everything from tiles to countertops to paint colour. If this seems just out of reach, purchasing an already existing home might be a good choice. You will still be able to unleash your creativity by painting the walls, buying new furniture or even renovating to make it yours!


The Housing Market is Ideal (A Buyers Market)

Are you asking yourself when you should buy a home?

The answer could be right now–there are diamonds out there! It’s a hot market and sellers are motivated, which means more housing options for you. Plus, new home builders are offering incredible financing options and hassle-free move-in options.


Are you seeing the signs? No matter the need, our team of experienced REALTORS® have our eyes on the market (and the prize–your dream home) and ready to find you the perfect next step!