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Solar Energy & Savings: What Green Energy Can Do for You

With the advancement of technology becoming ever-present in your house, it is only natural that green technology has also started to become more popular. With several grants and bursaries from the government, adding green technology to your home is becoming more accessible and affordable every year. And with added cost-saving benefits, such as reducing your electricity bill, green energy is the way of the future. 

Solar Energy in Saskatchewan

Living in Saskatchewan, we are fortunate to live in one of the sunniest places on earth. Using solar panels can be incredibly effective in our humble province. According to experts, Saskatchewan receives between 3.2 to 4 hours of peak sunshine daily, making us the sunniest province in the country on average! As a result, solar panels are a great feature that can provide a lot of utility and energy savings to your home. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Green Energy

Of course, technology and house renovations should bring many questions to your mind. Finding what will work best for you, your home, and your energy usage lifestyle can be a complicated process. Here are some frequently asked questions about green energy and what it can do for you.

How much will it cost?

The cost of installing solar panels greatly depends on what size of unit you want to install and which contractor you choose for the project. However, it’s safe to say that this investment will cost several thousand dollars. While a pricy investment, it does provide savings on your electricity bill and help increase the value of your home. There are also some government grants that can help to reduce the cost. 

What are the grants, and how do I get them?

The federal government has created some helpful bursaries to help cover part of the installation cost. The Canadian government’s “Canada Greener Homes Grant” helps cover up to $5,000 for eligible and recommended energy efficiency retrofits, and up to $600 for the combined cost of your pre and post-EnerGuide evaluations. You can check for eligibility and apply through the Natural Resources Canada government website.

You can also apply for the provincial home renovation tax credit. This tax credit offers savings of up to $2,100 in provincial income tax by claiming a 10.5% tax credit on up to $20,000 of home renovation expenses. Solar panel installation is considered an eligible expense under this program and may help homeowners fund this project. 

How much will I save on electricity?

How much you save will depend on many factors, such as how large the system you install is and what your energy usage and lifestyle choices are. Savings created by installing solar panels are made by the energy you produce powering your home and the excess energy going back into the SaskPower grid.

Currently, SaskPower will provide a credit on your electricity bill according to how much power you produce that goes back to the grid. However, your electricity bill will also, theoretically, be lower due to you using your solar-generated electricity. Currently, SaskPower has excess power priced at 7.5 cents per kWh until March 31, 2026. 

Do I have to renovate my house much?

Most solar panel installation does not require massive renovations to your house. The number of panels and power generated will depend on your roof size, angle, and budget. Still, most companies will work around what you already have. The cost of the overall renovation mostly comes from the price of the panels and the installation costs. 

Do solar panels still work during our winters?

This is an important question to ask, considering our extreme weather conditions. The simple answer is yes! There can be a slight reduction in efficiency due to snow coverage; however, the annual losses are insignificant. The solar panels also melt snow off faster than surrounding shingles, as solar panels operate at temperatures above the ambient temperature. 

Another critical factor to consider is that cold weather can actually increase the efficiency of solar panels. According to studies, solar panel efficiency is significantly higher at -25 degrees Celsius than at +45 degrees Celsius. Occasionally, solar panels will also experience increased production due to reflection off of surrounding snow coverage, as well!

Does it work with an electric car?

Yes! You can add an additional connection system to charge an electric car using your solar panels. You will add savings to your electricity bill and your gas bill, too!


Whether you’re on the road to increasing your home’s market value to sell by way of greener energy or looking for your energy efficient dream home, contact us today  to draw on all our knowledge of Saskatoon real estate and the benefit of our numerous contacts!

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Achieving The Perfect Backyard Oasis

The sun is shining and the lush greens are getting more vibrant, meaning it’s almost officially summer in Saskatoon! The city has plenty of activities and attractions built for you to live your warm summer days to the fullest. However, for the more introverted soul, a retreat is in order. What better place than at home? Make the most out of your summer by making the most out of your outdoor space. Whether it’s a tiny patio or sprawling green, create your outdoor haven with these ideas, perfect for being the ultimate host or enjoying a little R & R on your own. Not to mention invoking the envy of all your neighbours and friends!

Supreme Lounging

Why not enjoy nature in comfort? Give your backyard a tropical feel with lounge chairs, chaise lounges and hammocks. Up the coze-factor with an outdoor sectional if you can swing it and complete with side tables, candles and a glass of wine. Or, create an outdoor lounge bed with a platform bed frame, futon mattress and outdoor fabric cover, tossing on some outdoor pillows for comfort.

Can’t squeeze in a camping trip? No need to miss out on the best part–campfires! Take your outdoor lounge space to the next level with a fire pit. Easy to find and even easier to DIY!

Movie Night Under The Stars

Going out to the movies can be pricey, but enjoying your favourite movies under the stars is priceless. All you need to do is a taut, white sheet spread onto a flat surface (the sides of the house or garage work great), projector and phone or laptop. No access to a projector? No sweat. Make your own with just a shoe box, a magnifying glass and some cardboard.


No need to sort out a DD for this commute. Repurpose an old table or desk or get a little crafty with some cinder blocks and a few boards. Grab your speaker, ingredients for your favourite cocktails and glasses. Add some of those cute little umbrellas for extra flare.

A Bit More Than A BBQ

Most of us already have the standard patio set. Dress it up with some comfy cushions and the twinkle of fairy lights overhead. Even better yet, a chandelier is perfect for lending an extra special touch with a hint of formality and magic.

That Ahhhhh! Moment

Last but not least, embrace the serenity of nature with a mediation and yoga space in the comfort of your backyard. Bring in calming scents with strategically placed plants such as lavender and a standing tent or cabana.

Have your eye on a few ideas you want to try out but haven’t found your Saskatoon dream home with the appropriate space to transform? That’s where we come in! With our combined years of experience, we can help you find your forever home.

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Your Tried & True Guide To Prioritizing Your Home Renovations

Whether you’ve bought a fixer-upper you’re eager to DIY your way to your dream home in your top choice Saskatoon neighbourhood, your home needs an update, or you’re looking to sell in the near future, you might question where to start. An additional worry might be that how do you stop once you start? Giving your home a facelift can also be contagious, influencing you to feel like tackling them all at once. Instead of making costly mistakes or risking choice paralysis, simply follow our guidelines to get the most value from your home renovations.

Where To Start

Once you have assessed all the areas of your home in need of some TLC, the best advice one could possibly give is to first address the spaces you will get the most use out of and the ones with the highest potential for the best return on your investment. Identifying these critical areas of interest can help you budget effectively in your home remodeling journey.

Kitchens and bathrooms can have a hefty price tag, but they are the high-ticket items that sell a property. These are also the spaces used most often, and thus, addressing them sooner rather than later can help improve your lifestyle. Additionally, it is usually easiest to get the more significant, messier projects out of the way first. These are often done before you move in to avoid feeling too displaced and disrupting your routine. If you are selling, you can happily communicate all of this additional value to future buyers!

Any lower priority updates can then be done over time and in a more cost-friendly fashion. Also worth mentioning is that although we may be excited to give some rooms a splash of new paint, structural improvements should always come before surface and cosmetic enhancements. 

Seasonality & Life Stage

If you have children, your home renovation needs will look different from the empty nester or retiree. While they might be okay with working their life around construction, those with children will need to consider how the project will affect how the family functions and what safety issues might arise. The different types of homeowners may also want to do similar projects for other reasons. A young family may decide to open up the kitchen and living spaces for better-lit spaces and improved sightlines to keep an eye on the kids. Alternatively, other homeowners’ goals may be more along the lines of opening the area to better entertain guests. It’s all about making the improvements that best suit your needs!

Weather is also a key player in the decision-making process. For example, exterior updates such as building a patio or painting cannot be done in the winter but switching out interior light fixtures can. The summer tends to be busier and promises more favourable weather conditions for renovations than the dead of the Canadian prairie winters. Wondering what you can tackle yourself right now? Check out our Spring Home Maintenance Checklist!

Saving You Precious Time & Hard Earned Money

Assuming funds allow, lumping multiple projects together can be the most cost-effective, especially when it comes to contractor labour hours and the inconvenience to your home life. For example, kitchen and bathrooms are often best done together as similar contractors are involved. If updates in plumbing are needed, it is easier to do it all at once. Sometimes, some decisions made at different times may not work cohesively, whether functionally or aesthetically. Thus, planning and budgeting accordingly are of the utmost importance.

It’s also easy to get drawn into the little things, so hiring a professional to care for the moving parts for specific projects can prove beneficial, allowing you to keep an eye on the bigger picture.


Whether you’re looking to buy your dream home or sprucing up your current home to sell and are not confident about where to start, you can count on our combined years of expertise and connections to guide you through!

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Selling a Home With All 5 Senses

When selling your house, most people think about how it looks; you want your home to look as beautiful as the memories you made there. However, appealing to buyers’ other four senses can help make them feel fully present in your home. Our five senses play an important role in processing the world around us and triggering our emotional responses. You can create a positive emotional reaction in potential buyers by appealing to all five senses and helping them imagine living in your home. 


Selling a House with Sight

This is the obvious one. Make sure to create a neutral clutter-free environment that buyers can imagine as their own. Neutral colours with an accent can help create a stylish and clean setting that is perfect for letting the imagination run wild. Try to tidy up as much as possible and keep the space appealing to your guests. If you have features in your home that make it feel more cozy, such as a fireplace, don’t be afraid to turn it on to make people feel comfortable. 


Selling a House with Sound

Find some relaxing or comforting music to play in the background during the house tour. Keep the music to a minimum, so it doesn’t overpower the conversation. For genres of music, you could match it to the season, such as Christmas music during the holidays, or pick sounds suitable for any season, such as lo-fi or jazz. 

If you have natural sound features, create a space where guests can enjoy them. For example, water fountains or other elements can add a relaxing atmosphere to your house. Wind chimes are another great way to welcome guests into the space and make them feel in touch with your home. 


Selling a House with Smell

While some people recommend using strongly scented products for cleaning, some research says that buyers prefer neutral or lightly scented spaces when touring your home. Therefore, it’s probably a good idea to skip on the scented candles or air fresheners, as buyers may feel you are trying to hide something. 

Instead, use light or unscented cleaning products and find ways to add more natural scents to your house. For example, baking before guests arrive can add that homey smell to your space. Another trick, if you’re short on time, is to put some vanilla or lemon on the stove. This can give the same welcoming atmosphere while not being too overpowering. 


Selling a House with Taste

While I wouldn’t recommend that you provide anything too labour-intensive, it may be nice to have some snacks or water for your guests. Consider buying in bulk and having a dedicated bowl of small candies for each walk-through to make it easy. Or, if you did that baking we mentioned earlier, consider putting some out for guests! This simple gesture will leave a lasting impression on your potential buyers. 


Selling a House with Touch

Make sure to display a variety of fabrics and textures around your house. This also adds to the visual appeal of your space. You should also vacuum the carpets and well and wash your floors. Not only is this a great practice for general cleaning and home maintenance, it also keeps unwanted graininess away and adds extra bounce and comfort underfoot. Put out the fluffiest blankets on your bed and add some throw pillows to add depth and variety. 

By engaging all five of a buyers’ senses, you can ensure that your house sticks out in their Saskatoon home search and maximizes its appeal for every tour. If you’re looking for additional help or support, you can contact us, and we would be happy to help you sell your home!

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House Hunting with Kids? Here are 6 Kid-Friendly Saskatoon Spaces to Consider in Your Search

When looking for a new home in Saskatoon, your kids are often a big priority in how the house functions and what features are good for them. Extra bedrooms, a large backyard, and a nearby school are all important to consider, but what about recreation options?

Whether it be a local playground or a more comprehensive play area and activities, having a nearby place to visit regularly can really help your kids get out of the house and burn some energy. While most neighbourhoods have a local park and playground, here are some extra special spots in Saskatoon that you may want to factor into your home search. 


Nutrien Wonderhub – Saskatoon’s Children’s Museum

City Park

Found in the City Park neighbourhood along the Meewasin Trail, this is an incredible place for kids and their grown-ups to spend a day. The Wonderhub is a safe space for children to explore, experiment, and interact with the natural and built world through exhibits and features. Kids can explore the rooms or sign up for a workshop and learn new skills. This museum is a wonderful addition to the neighbourhood that could be a great feature to have nearby. 


University of Saskatchewan Campus

While you may not consider the university campus a blossoming spot for children to explore, there are several spots among the classrooms that your kids may enjoy. For example, the Museum of Natural Sciences located in the Geology Building is great for kids interested in dinosaurs and animals. The building features three complete dinosaur skeletons along with fish and geology displays. Additionally, the campus is home to a few art galleries and the Museum of Antiquities in the Peter Mackinnon Building, which may interest kids who are a bit older. 

Suppose you are looking for a place where your kids can be more active. In that case, the PAC building offers both swimming classes and family swim times, as well as other classes and activities for the public. Another great spot is the Sculpture Garden, found between the Education Building and Diefenbaker Canada Centre, which has several sculptures that are accessible for kids to climb and explore. Just be sure to watch for gopher holes and perhaps limit the amount of running to keep your kids’ ankles safe. 


The Stoked Centre


The Stoked Centre, found in the middle of Wilson’s Greenery and Lifestyle Supercentre in Brighton, has much more to offer than home decor and greenery. Inside, the shop features a 200-foot zip line and suspended obstacle course to climb around on and a high-speed electric go-kart track. The facility also just opened a new restaurant, the Stoked Kitchen and Bar, adjacent to a 15-lane 10-pin bowling alley and one of Canada’s largest arcades!

The whole centre has many activities and surprises for those looking for entertainment. It can be a great place to bring your kids to blow off steam while you shop for plants and home decor. 


Remai Art Gallery 

River Landing

The Remai Art Gallery, situated in downtown Saskatoon along the Meewasin River Valley, can be a fantastic place for kids to explore and learn about art and our local art landscape. The gallery has many permanent and travelling collections, as well as a theatre for film showings. Additionally, the gallery hosts kid-friendly programming, including their “Something on Sundays” program held 1 PM – 4 PM every Sunday and different artmaking activities each week. This program is free to attend, with no admission or registration required. The gallery also has some other programming that can require museum admission to attend. Check their website for more information. 


Western Development Museum


Take your kids to this highly interactive museum found in the Exhibition neighbourhood and help them learn more about Saskatoon’s history. This museum is best known for Boomtown, the lifesize representation of a 1910 Saskatchewan Main Street that recaptures the atmosphere and style of this bustling period and is great for kids to explore. The museum also features other permanent exhibits that kids would love, including a full-size steam locomotive! 


Forestry Farm Park and Zoo

University Heights

The Forestry Farm Park and Zoo found in University Heights is a great place to let your kids learn more about the local flora and fauna native to Saskatchewan and even see more exotic creatures. The Zoo boasts more than 80 species of animals, and with tons of space to explore, even the most energetic kids will get their fill. 


With so many great spots for kids around the city of Saskatoon, finding the right neighbourhood for you and your family can be challenging. If you need help finding your perfect home, please don’t hesitate to contact us for expert assistance in the home-buying process.

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5 Conditions To Withdrawing Your Offer

Okay, so you have found the house you LOVE, you’ve submitted your offer to purchase, and you’re mere inches away from having those keys in your hands to your new abode.  “Saskatoon Homeowner” has a nice ring to it!  But what if your feet start getting cold?  Or what if you get a fantastic job offer in a different location?  Is there still time to withdraw your offer?

The short answer is “yes,” but there are some conditions.  You can still back out so long as the offer or counter-offer has not been accepted and communicated by the seller and their agent.  However, there are a few things to keep in mind when buyer’s wish to retract communicated offers.

A valid contract requires an offer and acceptance of that offer.  For the seller’s offer to be valid, that acceptance must be communicated promptly to the Buyer that has made the offer.

Communication of acceptance through a telephone call, fax or email are all valid means of communication, as deemed by the Saskatchewan Real Estate Commission. 

Confirmation of acceptance is not an essential element for the contract to be valid.  Provided that the approval of the offer has been communicated to the Buyer, confirmation or acknowledgement of the accepted offer is not required for the contract to be valid. 

Acceptance communicated to the buyer’s agent counts as a sufficient point of contact to establish the contract.  Buyers or sellers need not communicate directly with the other party as the agent representing them is a viable placeholder.

The Buyer can be bound at any time after submitting the offer once acceptance is communicated to the other party.  Be it by after-hours fax to the brokerage office or an unread email, the contract is cemented, and the Buyer is no longer free to withdraw. 

The moral of the story is that it’s all about communication and that before submitting the offer to purchase, it is best to be as sure about the property as possible.  If you have changed your mind and the offer is already submitted, you will need to contact your agent ASAP.  Time is of the essence for your agent to act as quickly as possible in your favour to communicate the retraction to the other party before it is accepted, preferably in writing.  If the offer is accepted before the Buyer’s retraction or the Seller disputes the retraction, you must seek legal counsel. 

Our highest recommendation is to have a trusted and knowledgeable REALTOR® by your side, assisting you in navigating the local housing market.  Whether it’s buying or selling, we’ve got all the tips and tricks to landing you your dream home!

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Saskatoon’s 5 Most Popular Neighbourhoods

Home to over 270,000 people, Saskatoon boasts 66 incredible neighbourhoods to suit the various lifestyles found in their diverse population. Ranging everywhere from centralized inner-city hubs to sprawling surrounding suburbs, there is a neighbourhood to fit every family’s wants and needs. In fact, here are some of the most popular neighbourhoods in Saskatoon:



Stonebridge is home to a booming population of 13,334 people, making it Saskatoon’s most popular neighbourhood. And when you take stock of all this family-friendly community has to offer, it’s no wonder why!

Offering one of Saskatoon’s best shopping centres, one of the greatest highlights Stonebridge has to offer is its access to amenities. With everything from dining to shopping, personal services to medical care, you can find it all right in the neighbourhood. And if, for some reason, you need to get anywhere else in the city, you can do so easily with Circle Drive found bordering the community to the north.

Stonebridge is also beloved by families for its 16 incredible parks, offering over 121 acres of green space to explore. There are also two excellent schools in the neighbourhood—Chief Whitecap School and St. Kateri Tekakwitha School—giving families their choice of both public and Catholic elementary education for their children. It is also a very affordable neighbourhood to live in, with homes for sale in Stonebridge averaging an average price of just over $351,000!


Silverwood Heights

With a population of 10,862 people, Silverwood Heights is, without a doubt, one of Saskatoon’s most popular neighbourhoods. Offering an average price of just under $380,000, Silverwood Heights homes make an excellent choice for homebuyers seeking affordable real estate in a family-oriented neighbourhood.

Built to prioritize residential living in a spectacular suburban setting, lifestyle amenities are where Silverwood Heights shines. The neighbourhood has five schools for families to choose from, offering variety for every stage of your child’s educational journey. Public elementary education can be found at either Brownell School or Silverwood Heights School, while the Catholic equivalents can be found at either École Sister O’Brien School or St. Angela School. There is also a public high school in the neighbourhood—Marion M. Graham Collegiate.

Beyond the robust educational system, Silverwood Heights also boasts over 75 acres of breathtaking park space. This includes over 20 acres of the riverside Meewasin Park, where you and your family can enjoy countless hours taking in the fresh air along some of the most scenic views in Saskatoon. And though the neighbourhood doesn’t offer its commercial amenities, residents of Silverwood Heights certainly won’t be without, with easy access to both Lawson Heights Mall and all the businesses found along 51st Street blocks away.


Hampton Village

Next on the list of Saskatoon’s most popular neighbourhoods is the gorgeous community of Hampton Village that 8,670 people are proud to call home. And with a strong sense of community and a wide variety of housing styles to choose from, it’s easy to see why!

Homes for sale in Hampton Village go for about an average of just over $338,000, making it a very affordable choice, particularly for first-time buyers. But its attraction doesn’t stop there—it also boasts over 58 acres of parkland. This includes the fantastic Paul Mostoway Dog Park, giving even the furriest family members a space to enjoy the peace and quiet found only in nature!

The village-style neighbourhood, while primarily residential, has several amenities to offer convenience to its residents. These include a gas station, restaurants, and several shops, including a pharmacy and dollar store. Hampton Village also gives parents their choice of either public or Catholic elementary education for their kids with both Ernest Lindner School and St. Lorenzo School found in the neighbourhood.



Willowgrove is home to a population of 8,420, making it the next most popular neighbourhood in Saskatoon. With average prices sitting around $438,000, homes for sale in Willowgrove are particularly popular with families looking for their next home in a quiet and friendly neighbourhood close to all the amenities.

Ideally situated close to both the University Heights Shopping Centre and Brighton Marketplace, access to amenities is undoubtedly one of the top highlights of living in Willowgrove. And though all of life’s everyday essentials are just a few moments away, the community still offers several restaurants, personal services, and shops in the village square for convenience!

Another high point of Willowgrove is its lifestyle offerings, including over 48 acres of green space found in its ten parks. All interconnected via winding walking paths linking together, they instill a strong sense of community amongst residents with all their neighbours just a stroll away. And with two elementary schools—Willowgrove School and Holy Family Catholic School—it’s a no-brainer for families, too!



Just over 8,000 people call the neighbourhood of Wildwood their home. And with a particularly attractive average home price of just over $260,000 and an incredible list of amenities, it’s not hard to see why!

Situated in an ideal location along 8th Street E and Circle Drive, Wildwood offers not just one but two of the most popular features home buyers are looking for—access to amenities and commutability. Residents can find just about everything they need in the neighbourhood at Centre Mall, including shopping, dining, and entertainment. If they can’t find it there for whatever reason, they just need to head a couple of blocks west, and they will undoubtedly find it somewhere along the rest of the 8th Street business district.

You don’t need to be spending money to enjoy living in Wildwood, though. The neighbourhood also has several lifestyle amenities to offer, including the Lakewood Civic Centre, Cliff Wright Library, and over 68 acres of parks! It also boasts two great schools, Wildwood School and Bishop Pocock School, as well as the stunning Wildwood Golf Course, making it an ideal choice for those who dream of weekends on the green just steps from their front door.


No matter whether you are prioritizing access to amenities, commutability, or schools in your home search, you can almost certainly find it one of Saskatoon’s most popular neighbourhoods. Despite their popularity, there’s nothing to say that these neighbourhoods will be the perfect fit for your wants and needs. Need help narrowing it down? Our experienced team of real estate professionals is happy to help—contact us today to get started!

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Presenting Offers 101

You’ve found your dream property, congratulations!  Now what?  The next step in your journey to becoming a homeowner is your agent will put together a presentation of an offer, proposing a deal to the listing agent and their client.  Together, you and your agent will decide the terms and conditions of what you wish to offer and determine a fair price for the property.  The proposal also most notably includes the Agreement of Purchase and Sale—the official offer to the Seller.  It’s a considerable amount of paperwork that needs signing, but once you have those keys in hand and settle into your sweet new digs, it will all be worth it!

Irrevocable Period

This is the period when your offer is valid, as well as the time the Seller is allocated to consider your proposal.  After the deadline, if the Seller has not accepted or made a counteroffer, the offer is voided, and you are no longer committed to it. 

Offer Registration

Once signed, the Buyer’s agent will ‘register’ the offer with the Listing Brokerage to notify that they have a signed offer from a Buyer.  Registering offers help make it easier to track offers, especially if there is more than one on a single property. 

Single Buyer Offer

Most commonly, a single buyer is offering to purchase the property at one time.  Typically, the single Buyer offer process will take place within the span of a single afternoon or evening with the Seller, listing agent and buying agent in attendance of the negotiations.  Many offers are also presented with the Buyer close to hand in a nearby coffee shop or restaurant, if not also in person, for the quickest and most efficient negotiation process.  However, with the current life and times, more and more offers are being presented electronically.  Regardless of who is in attendance, both the listing and buying agent’s goal is to get their clients the best possible price, gauging each other’s flexibility in terms and conditions. 

Once assessing the Buyer’s offer, the Seller and their client can do one of three things: accepting the offer as is, rejecting it, or signing the offer back with initials and signatures to changes in price, closing date or any other particular terms.  If the Buyer is not willing to negotiate up to those changes, negotiations will cease, and the Buyer will have to go look elsewhere. 

Multiple Buyer Offers

Alternatively to single Buyer, multiple Buyers can present their offers simultaneously, creating a bidding war.  Multiple offers on a single property predominantly happen when the property is priced at market value or relatively underpriced.  Underpricing can be done deliberately or by accident but is rarely recommended as it can be quite risky for the Seller.  However, a listing can receive multiple offers by luck or skilled marketing.

In this case, the listing agent will communicate with each Buyer’s agent, gathering the pros and cons of each offer to discuss privately with their client.  Once again, one of three things can happen: accept one of the offers outright, reject all offers if they fall below expectations or decide to work with one Buyer if they can change a few things. 

With either presentation style, critical discussions should include closing dates, as well as the size and soonest availability of deposit in the form of a bank draft for maximized confidence in the offer.  Additionally, it is often also more secure of a decision to accept a firm offer over a conditional, even if the conditional offer is higher.  After all, chances could be that the Buyer is caught up in the moment and gets Buyer’s remorse a few days later. 


Of course, your best course of action is having a knowledgeable local REALTOR® by your side.  No matter if you are looking to buy or sell, contact us today for a trusted guiding hand in the process, drawing on all our combined years of experience.