Selling April 22, 2022

Selling a Home With All 5 Senses

When selling your house, most people think about how it looks; you want your home to look as beautiful as the memories you made there. However, appealing to buyers’ other four senses can help make them feel fully present in your home. Our five senses play an important role in processing the world around us and triggering our emotional responses. You can create a positive emotional reaction in potential buyers by appealing to all five senses and helping them imagine living in your home. 


Selling a House with Sight

This is the obvious one. Make sure to create a neutral clutter-free environment that buyers can imagine as their own. Neutral colours with an accent can help create a stylish and clean setting that is perfect for letting the imagination run wild. Try to tidy up as much as possible and keep the space appealing to your guests. If you have features in your home that make it feel more cozy, such as a fireplace, don’t be afraid to turn it on to make people feel comfortable. 


Selling a House with Sound

Find some relaxing or comforting music to play in the background during the house tour. Keep the music to a minimum, so it doesn’t overpower the conversation. For genres of music, you could match it to the season, such as Christmas music during the holidays, or pick sounds suitable for any season, such as lo-fi or jazz. 

If you have natural sound features, create a space where guests can enjoy them. For example, water fountains or other elements can add a relaxing atmosphere to your house. Wind chimes are another great way to welcome guests into the space and make them feel in touch with your home. 


Selling a House with Smell

While some people recommend using strongly scented products for cleaning, some research says that buyers prefer neutral or lightly scented spaces when touring your home. Therefore, it’s probably a good idea to skip on the scented candles or air fresheners, as buyers may feel you are trying to hide something. 

Instead, use light or unscented cleaning products and find ways to add more natural scents to your house. For example, baking before guests arrive can add that homey smell to your space. Another trick, if you’re short on time, is to put some vanilla or lemon on the stove. This can give the same welcoming atmosphere while not being too overpowering. 


Selling a House with Taste

While I wouldn’t recommend that you provide anything too labour-intensive, it may be nice to have some snacks or water for your guests. Consider buying in bulk and having a dedicated bowl of small candies for each walk-through to make it easy. Or, if you did that baking we mentioned earlier, consider putting some out for guests! This simple gesture will leave a lasting impression on your potential buyers. 


Selling a House with Touch

Make sure to display a variety of fabrics and textures around your house. This also adds to the visual appeal of your space. You should also vacuum the carpets and well and wash your floors. Not only is this a great practice for general cleaning and home maintenance, it also keeps unwanted graininess away and adds extra bounce and comfort underfoot. Put out the fluffiest blankets on your bed and add some throw pillows to add depth and variety. 

By engaging all five of a buyers’ senses, you can ensure that your house sticks out in their Saskatoon home search and maximizes its appeal for every tour. If you’re looking for additional help or support, you can contact us, and we would be happy to help you sell your home!