Homeownership June 24, 2022

Moving as a Retiree? Here are Some Things to Consider

It’s an exciting time in your life! You have finished your career, and you are ready to retire. And as a result, you might be considering moving or downsizing to help meet your new needs. Here are some things you may want to consider while looking for a new home as a retiree. 



The number one thing to think about when looking for a new home as a retiree is how much you want to spend and how much you can afford in the future. These are some factors that may influence your budget:

  • Retirement Income
      • What is your future income stream, and how much do you want to spend on a mortgage? 
  • Savings
      • How much do you have in savings, and what amount do you want to spend on a new home?
  • Sale of Home
    • If you sell the home you’re in now, what price would you want, and how would that inform what you can afford to buy?


Commitment Level

What are your home needs now, and what do you expect them to be in the next ten years? Try to be realistic about what you want and need in your home. 

  • Lawn Care
      • Taking care of a yard is a huge commitment. While it may be something that you can handle now, moving is a great chance to decide if this is something you want to continue to upkeep in the future. And by joining a community garden, you can still enjoy being outdoors with less commitment. 
  • Stairs
      • Physical structures like stairs may become a hindrance in the future. It may be a good idea to look for somewhere that is accessible to accommodate you as your needs change.
  • Transportation
      • As you look for a new place, consider what transportation options are available. Are there accessible parking spots? What about nearby public transit options? It’s good to have various options as you look for somewhere new. 
  • Travel
    • How much time do you plan to spend at home in retirement? Some want a “home base” but will travel for up to 6 months of the year. If you will be travelling extensively, that should factor into how much you want to spend on your new home. 



Perhaps this new move is a chance to explore your location options. After all, retirement is an excellent time to try something new. 

  • Rural vs. Urban
      • Do you want to live in the hustle of the city or spend your time in the peace of a lakeside village? Knowing what social environment is essential to deciding where to live.
  • Shared vs. Single
      • A smaller, single-family home can still be a good option depending on your family’s needs. However, some people prefer to live in a condo or a shared living community for the social aspect.
  • Nearby Amenities
    • Choosing a neighbourhood that has the amenities you need is critical. Whether that includes parks, gyms, or shopping districts is up to you and your preferred lifestyle!



Speaking of amenities, it is essential that you know what kind of amenities you want in your new home. If you are looking at shared living space, what options are available in the building could be a huge selling feature. Single-family homes also will offer different possible amenities or spaces for you. Knowing what you need and want will help you narrow down your list of potential homes. 

  • Hobbies
      • Retirement means you will have ample new free time for your hobbies! Having a workshop, sewing room, fully stocked kitchen, or other rooms dedicated to your hobbies may be great in your new retirement home. 
  • Friends
      • Whether that means friends nearby or space in your home for friends to visit, deciding what you want in a social space is very important.
  • Outdoor Space
    • We touched on this before, but having an outdoor space can be different from having a yard. Some shared living buildings have outdoor green spaces for their residents. Other times that can mean having a nearby park or public green space. However, you should decide how important it is to have outdoor space in your home. 


Retirement can be very exciting, but it can also be stressful trying to navigate your new needs now and in the future. Having a real estate professional to work with can help you decide what is most important and reduce the stress of moving. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or need any assistance!

Buying June 17, 2022

Wondering if it’s Time To Buy? Here Are The Signs!

Owning a home is a huge decision, no doubt one of the biggest decisions you will ever make, and not to be taken lightly. When it is all said and done and you have those keys in your hands, buying a new home is rewarding and freeing with all this space that you can make totally your own. Of course we understand the thought of owning a home might be daunting, but don’t let the cons intimidate you too much, outweighing all the fabulous pros! Finally getting out of that rental place and owning the house of your dreams is just steps away. Or, maybe, you’re a homeowner simply considering a change of environment from your current abode? No matter if you’re a prospective first-time homebuyer or otherwise, here are a few signs you might be ready for an upgrade.


You are Tired of Renting and Want to Build Equity

Are you tired of paying for your landlord’s mortgage in rent instead of your own?

Almost everyone starts by way of rental properties as it’s the quickest and easiest way to gain independence. One of renting’s excellent benefits is being able to rely on someone else for maintenance issues and expenses. Extra expenses like condo fees or property taxes aren’t of concern when renting, but renting can be restrictive when it comes to the ability to really make the space your own.

If this rings clear for you, I think it’s time for you to consider buying your first home! If all your ducks are in a row, you are financially stable or had a great promotion. Home ownership is a significant next step in your life.


You Want More Space

Are you outgrowing your current home? 

Perhaps it’s your first home or you want more room for entertaining. If your family or hobbies are growing, it’s time to upscale! Now is the time to invest in those amenities you have longed for, like a new gym, nursery or bonus room. Once you have experienced a home where storage is lacking, you will appreciate having enough space to tuck unwanted items away even more. In this case, appropriate storage and closet space is a must!


You Want Less Space and Fewer Responsibilities

Do you want less space, less cleaning and less work in general?

The last of the kids have moved out, you don’t have enough time to manage such a large home, or it’s increasingly difficult to keep up your house. Downsizing can be a great way to save money, time, and energy as well. Less space also means lower mortgage rates and taxes.


The Upkeep of Your Current Home is Becoming a Burden

Has your house become a money pit over the last few years? 

If parts of your home break down every month or week, now could be an excellent time for a fresh start. Another great option is to replace that furnace or roof for resale value or leave it for the subsequent owners.


Your Commute has Changed

Do you now work from home, or have you changed jobs in the last few years? 

Maybe your house is too far from your workplace or you’re craving that big office space to work from home. Maybe there are great schools or daycares you have your eye on for the kiddos, but they’re feeling like more and more of a hassle to get to. These are perfectly good reasons to consider uprooting your family to be able to commute quickly to your favourite and most used amenities.


Your Neighbourhood is Deteriorating

Has graffiti, crime or feeling unsafe slowly become a problem in your neighbourhood since you moved in?

Now might be the time to move to a safer area. Nothing compares to the feeling of ease with nice pathways to stroll in parks or even walk with a friend at night without worrying.


You Want To Make Your Mark

Are you dreaming of decorating in your style, new appliances or having that butler pantry?

Building a custom home is an attractive option for those looking for a perfect place. It allows you to pick everything from tiles to countertops to paint colour. If this seems just out of reach, purchasing an already existing home might be a good choice. You will still be able to unleash your creativity by painting the walls, buying new furniture or even renovating to make it yours!


The Housing Market is Ideal (A Buyers Market)

Are you asking yourself when you should buy a home?

The answer could be right now–there are diamonds out there! It’s a hot market and sellers are motivated, which means more housing options for you. Plus, new home builders are offering incredible financing options and hassle-free move-in options.


Are you seeing the signs? No matter the need, our team of experienced REALTORS® have our eyes on the market (and the prize–your dream home) and ready to find you the perfect next step!


BuyingHomeownershipLifestyleSelling June 10, 2022

Solar Energy & Savings: What Green Energy Can Do for You

With the advancement of technology becoming ever-present in your house, it is only natural that green technology has also started to become more popular. With several grants and bursaries from the government, adding green technology to your home is becoming more accessible and affordable every year. And with added cost-saving benefits, such as reducing your electricity bill, green energy is the way of the future. 

Solar Energy in Saskatchewan

Living in Saskatchewan, we are fortunate to live in one of the sunniest places on earth. Using solar panels can be incredibly effective in our humble province. According to experts, Saskatchewan receives between 3.2 to 4 hours of peak sunshine daily, making us the sunniest province in the country on average! As a result, solar panels are a great feature that can provide a lot of utility and energy savings to your home. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Green Energy

Of course, technology and house renovations should bring many questions to your mind. Finding what will work best for you, your home, and your energy usage lifestyle can be a complicated process. Here are some frequently asked questions about green energy and what it can do for you.

How much will it cost?

The cost of installing solar panels greatly depends on what size of unit you want to install and which contractor you choose for the project. However, it’s safe to say that this investment will cost several thousand dollars. While a pricy investment, it does provide savings on your electricity bill and help increase the value of your home. There are also some government grants that can help to reduce the cost. 

What are the grants, and how do I get them?

The federal government has created some helpful bursaries to help cover part of the installation cost. The Canadian government’s “Canada Greener Homes Grant” helps cover up to $5,000 for eligible and recommended energy efficiency retrofits, and up to $600 for the combined cost of your pre and post-EnerGuide evaluations. You can check for eligibility and apply through the Natural Resources Canada government website.

You can also apply for the provincial home renovation tax credit. This tax credit offers savings of up to $2,100 in provincial income tax by claiming a 10.5% tax credit on up to $20,000 of home renovation expenses. Solar panel installation is considered an eligible expense under this program and may help homeowners fund this project. 

How much will I save on electricity?

How much you save will depend on many factors, such as how large the system you install is and what your energy usage and lifestyle choices are. Savings created by installing solar panels are made by the energy you produce powering your home and the excess energy going back into the SaskPower grid.

Currently, SaskPower will provide a credit on your electricity bill according to how much power you produce that goes back to the grid. However, your electricity bill will also, theoretically, be lower due to you using your solar-generated electricity. Currently, SaskPower has excess power priced at 7.5 cents per kWh until March 31, 2026. 

Do I have to renovate my house much?

Most solar panel installation does not require massive renovations to your house. The number of panels and power generated will depend on your roof size, angle, and budget. Still, most companies will work around what you already have. The cost of the overall renovation mostly comes from the price of the panels and the installation costs. 

Do solar panels still work during our winters?

This is an important question to ask, considering our extreme weather conditions. The simple answer is yes! There can be a slight reduction in efficiency due to snow coverage; however, the annual losses are insignificant. The solar panels also melt snow off faster than surrounding shingles, as solar panels operate at temperatures above the ambient temperature. 

Another critical factor to consider is that cold weather can actually increase the efficiency of solar panels. According to studies, solar panel efficiency is significantly higher at -25 degrees Celsius than at +45 degrees Celsius. Occasionally, solar panels will also experience increased production due to reflection off of surrounding snow coverage, as well!

Does it work with an electric car?

Yes! You can add an additional connection system to charge an electric car using your solar panels. You will add savings to your electricity bill and your gas bill, too!


Whether you’re on the road to increasing your home’s market value to sell by way of greener energy or looking for your energy efficient dream home, contact us today  to draw on all our knowledge of Saskatoon real estate and the benefit of our numerous contacts!

Lifestyle June 3, 2022

10 Saskatoon Summer Hot Spots You Need To Check Out!

With gas prices skyrocketing as of late, you might be rethinking your family’s schedule of upcoming events these next few months. Though heading out of town every weekend isn’t looking particularly appealing this summer, that doesn’t mean you’re in for a season of boredom. Whether you’re new to the Paris of the Prairies or are a seasoned Saskatoonian, here’s your go-to guide to the city’s local hot spots you should definitely check out this summer!

Saskatoon Pride Festival & Market

  • Takes place at River Landing starting at 2 PM on June 18th!
  • Tons of events planned including:
    • A stage concert featuring local 2SLGBTQ+ talent
    • Market of local businesses, artisans and artists
    • Delicious food
    • Family fun area for all ages supported by Grosvenor United Church
    • Beer gardens hosted by Alt Hotel

Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan

  • Truly unique theatre experience with the South Saskatchewan River as your backdrop
  • First show on July 2nd and goes until August 21st!
  • Catch one of three mainstage shows:
    • Cymbeline by William Shakespeare – July 2nd to August 14th
    • Shakespeare’s Will by Vern Theissen – July 14 to July 31st
    • Iago Speaks by Daniel Macdonald – August 8th to August 21st

Sasktel Saskatchewan Jazz Festival

  • June 30th to July 7th at The Bessborough Gardens, Broadway Theatre, Amigos Cantina, The Basement, Victoria Park, Maurice Drouin Lounge and DTN YXE
  • Each summer, Saskatoon plays host to hundreds of world class artists and 75,000 hungry music fans for jazz, blues, funk, pop and more!

The Fringe Festival

  • July 28th to August 6th on Broadway Avenue from 12th Street to Main Street
  • Celebrate local, provincial and international artists through in person and online performances in various locations 
  • Food trucks, artisan vendors, carnival games, accessible washrooms and much, much more!

Saskatoon Ex

  • August 9th to August 14th at Prarieland Park
  • Saskatchewan’s largest summer event with 6 days of non-stop entertainment!
  • Rides and entertainment for endless family fun

Rock102 Rock the River 

  • August 19th to 21st
  • Saskatchewan’s Classic Rock Festival feature an outstanding line-up of Canadian Classic Rock bands
  • RAIN or SHINE outdoor music festival in the Delta Bessborough Gardens at the Delta Hotels by Marrio Bessborough

Remai Modern 

  • Something on Sundays: Takes place from 1 PM-4 PM every Sunday featuring a new artmaking activity each week. SoS is free to attend, no admission or registration required!
  • Remai Modern also hosts Public Tours on Saturdays & Sundays

The Prairie Lily

  • Get a unique tour experience of Saskatoon on the South Saskatchewan River all summer long!

The Berry Barn

  • The perfect little get away from the city with panoramic views of the river and with the relaxing countryside and scenic gardens
  • Delectable homestyle meals and unforgettable Saskatoon berry pie. Need we say more?

Saskatoon Forestry Farm and Zoo

  • All generations can explore the beautiful park landscape with intimate gardens, historic buildings and a variety of western Candian animals and exotic species 
  • Saskatchewan’s only CAZA-AZAC accredited zoo

Can’t wait to check them out as an official Saskatoon resident but haven’t found your dream home yet? We can help! Looking for even more fun to keep the kiddos entertained, check out our blog!

HomeownershipLifestyle May 27, 2022

Achieving The Perfect Backyard Oasis

The sun is shining and the lush greens are getting more vibrant, meaning it’s almost officially summer in Saskatoon! The city has plenty of activities and attractions built for you to live your warm summer days to the fullest. However, for the more introverted soul, a retreat is in order. What better place than at home? Make the most out of your summer by making the most out of your outdoor space. Whether it’s a tiny patio or sprawling green, create your outdoor haven with these ideas, perfect for being the ultimate host or enjoying a little R & R on your own. Not to mention invoking the envy of all your neighbours and friends!

Supreme Lounging

Why not enjoy nature in comfort? Give your backyard a tropical feel with lounge chairs, chaise lounges and hammocks. Up the coze-factor with an outdoor sectional if you can swing it and complete with side tables, candles and a glass of wine. Or, create an outdoor lounge bed with a platform bed frame, futon mattress and outdoor fabric cover, tossing on some outdoor pillows for comfort.

Can’t squeeze in a camping trip? No need to miss out on the best part–campfires! Take your outdoor lounge space to the next level with a fire pit. Easy to find and even easier to DIY!

Movie Night Under The Stars

Going out to the movies can be pricey, but enjoying your favourite movies under the stars is priceless. All you need to do is a taut, white sheet spread onto a flat surface (the sides of the house or garage work great), projector and phone or laptop. No access to a projector? No sweat. Make your own with just a shoe box, a magnifying glass and some cardboard.


No need to sort out a DD for this commute. Repurpose an old table or desk or get a little crafty with some cinder blocks and a few boards. Grab your speaker, ingredients for your favourite cocktails and glasses. Add some of those cute little umbrellas for extra flare.

A Bit More Than A BBQ

Most of us already have the standard patio set. Dress it up with some comfy cushions and the twinkle of fairy lights overhead. Even better yet, a chandelier is perfect for lending an extra special touch with a hint of formality and magic.

That Ahhhhh! Moment

Last but not least, embrace the serenity of nature with a mediation and yoga space in the comfort of your backyard. Bring in calming scents with strategically placed plants such as lavender and a standing tent or cabana.

Have your eye on a few ideas you want to try out but haven’t found your Saskatoon dream home with the appropriate space to transform? That’s where we come in! With our combined years of experience, we can help you find your forever home.

HomeownershipLifestyleSelling May 20, 2022

Top Secret Homemade Clean Hacks

As we get older, we all have in common how much more time we spend in our days and weeks cleaning. Seriously, how does everything get so dirty so fast?! Or perhaps, maybe, you find yourself mesmerized by #CleanTok? Regardless of whether you are sprucing up the place to get ready to sell or just enjoy a clean space, there’s no shortage of products to help get the job done.

However, it’s way more fun spending your time and hard-earned money decorating our homes instead of constantly cleaning them. So, what if I told you there was a way to keep your home sparkling with materials you already have at home?


Stainless Steel

Stainless steel appliances are trendy in homes right now. It’s pretty when it’s clean, not so pretty when it’s not. The good news is that using Windex or any other glass cleaner will shine it back up in seconds. Ran out of Windex? No problem. Spray some vinegar, wipe with a damp cloth of hot water, buff dry and voila!

Clogged, smelly sinks

While you’re shining up your appliances, you might as well keep that vinegar handy. Kill odours by pouring some vinegar down the sink.

Ugly Coffee Rings

As much as you insist on coasters, you can still be left with a dreaded ring on your poor coffee table. Instead of hiding them with books, Magic Erasers are great for getting rid of marks on a majority of surfaces if you have one handy. Or, try hot water and mild dish soap. It might take a little bit of elbow grease to scrub it off, being aware that scrubbing can wear down paint over time.

Airborne Grease

There are plenty of wonderful kitchen degreasers on the market to get the job done. However, if you want to create your solution, combine a few drops of dish soap with some hot water and spray onto the area. Allow it a few minutes to sit and break down the grease before wiping it away.

Caked on Microwave Gunk

Eliminate the scrubbing and leave your microwave smelling fresh by putting 5-10 drops of lemon juice (lime juice or vinegar will also work just fine) in a bowl of water. Microwave on high for 3 minutes, letting the bowl sit for an additional 3 minutes to steam before opening. Then remove and wipe all the gunk right off. If you’re sensitive to scents, heat just the bowl of water, following all the same steps!


It’s amazing what a little vinegar or dish soap can do! Did any of these tips surprise you? Looking for more advice on selling your home? Haven’t found your Saskatoon dream home yet? We can help!

BuyingSelling May 13, 2022

Tips to Make Packing A Breeze

Selling your house is an emotional process. You have many memories tied to your possessions and the space you lived in. One of the biggest mistakes I see my clients making is not emotionally preparing for what selling your house entails. While selling a house is challenging in itself, packing and moving all of the belongings that hold emotion for you can just add to the chaos of this time. With careful planning and forward-thinking, packing up your house to move can be a smooth process to relieve the emotional stress of selling your home. 


Get Prepared

Moving is a whole process. Starting early will help you cover all of your bases and ensure you’re not doing the last-minute shuffle where some things get forgotten. 

  • Call the utility company as soon as you know you’re moving. Utilities are essential, but it can be easy to forget this step or leave it to the last minute. Being prepared and calling ahead will save you future headaches. 
  • Set your budget. Moving can be expensive. Make sure you know what your budget is and that you keep track of expenses.
  • Plan your packing supplies. Boxes, bags, packing materials, and more. I recommend finding plastic tubs or buckets for extra stability and to be environmentally-conscious. Check-in with friends and family to see if they have any extra storage containers to help move. 
  • Eat extra food. Try to eat as much of your kitchen supplies for less to move on the day. You can also plan to donate unopened or unexpired food to a local food bank. 


Downsizing on Stuff

Whether you are moving to a smaller place or just want to minimize packing, getting rid of old objects and downsizing what you’ll be moving will help lessen the number of boxes (and stuff to unpack)!

  • Top to Bottom, Left to Right. This is an excellent method for those spaces in your house that can be so overwhelmed with stuff. Places like closets, dressers, or shelves where it may have started looking organized but now are chock-full of things you’ve tucked into corners or objects that haven’t seen the light of day for years. Clear out top to bottom, then left to right, to give yourself a place to start and a direction to keep moving. 
  • Get rid of old clothes. You would not believe how much your closet weighs when taking it out to the moving van. Getting rid of old or outdated clothes can do miracles for packing day. Plus, when you move to the new place, you will only have clothes that make you feel great!
  • Make donation pickup arrangements. Donating unwanted furniture is great for lessening your load but can come with its own stress. Help yourself out by arranging for a pickup of your furniture. 


Packing for the Move

Perhaps the most time-consuming part of the moving process, packing can quickly look like lots of piles of stuff and half-full boxes if you aren’t prepared. Here are some packing tips to make everything a bit easier. 

    • Don’t empty dresser drawers. Instead, take the drawers out of the dresser with the clothes or objects still in. If you are worried about things falling out, secure the drawers with plastic wrap or in a plastic bag. 
    • Leave clothes on the hanger. Group the hangers and wrap them in a large garbage bag or hang them in a wardrobe box. This helps with packing but will also make unpacking easier as well. 
    • Use linens, towels, or other soft items. Wrap breakable objects like dishware in your kitchen towels or other linens for extra protection. Smaller things, like glasses or delicate knick-knacks, can be wrapped in socks for serious padding. Sharp objects such as knives can also benefit from this system.
    • Use pots to hold small items. Your large pots and other storage containers can be great for those small objects that can get lost at the bottom of larger boxes. 
  • Create a box label system. Either write a note on each box or use a colour-code sticker system where each colour represents a different room. This will help you unpack super quickly. 
  • Put together a moving essentials bag. Pack a duffel bag or suitcase with items you will need during your move. This can include important documents, a change of clothes, basic toiletries, medications, phone chargers, or anything else you may need while you move.


Those are the top packing tips for moving we have. What hacks have you done that helped? Leave your suggestions in the comments below! While moving can be stressful, selling your home doesn’t have to be. Contact us if you want assistance in selling your home. 

BuyingHomeownershipLifestyleSelling May 6, 2022

Your Top Tips For Downsizing

Summer is quickly approaching, which for most folks means that it is time to undergo the great purge–getting rid of unnecessary clutter in exchange for feeling refreshed and ready for some much-needed relaxing. That is perfectly understandable, considering the unbeatable summers that Saskatoon offers. However, chances are that if you’ve ended up here, you’re likely preparing for the big move and don’t want to be carrying around the extra stuff you’ll end up throwing away later. Or, maybe you’re retiring and looking to cut back on expenses. Perhaps there’s just too much extra space as the empty nest syndrome starts to kick in? Either way, downsizing to a smaller home is looking better and better. 

The Perks

As counterintuitive as it sounds, switching out for a smaller space can be incredibly freeing. Larger homes can take a lot of upkeep, and you can find that you feel you’re constantly cleaning, exhausted from fixing maintenance issues or spending a small fortune for others to do it for you. Moving into a smaller home or condo can be more suitable to your needs while also decreasing your property taxes, home insurance, maintenance expenses and house utilities, freeing up your cash flow for breathing room. 

Additionally, your property has likely appreciated over time, making for a satisfactory return on your investment. Especially with the current need for housing inventory, it’s also a wonderful opportunity to allow some growing family to make the most beautiful memories in the home as you did. 

Downsize vs Declutter

Depending on where you are moving, a simple declutter may be in order. However, if there’s a drastic change in square footage, there will need to be a different approach. The difference between decluttering and downsizing is the purpose of appearance and functionality. Instead of storing it away, you remove it from your home entirely. 


Anyone that has ever moved before knows all about the stress of it. Therefore, it’s best to start downsizing as soon as it is decided. We know it’s not simple, so here are some top tips for a successful transition!

  • Measure the new space and evaluate what is really important to you
  • Find a place for everything
  • Divvy up sentimental items 
    • Sometimes it is easier to offload your belongings knowing that it is going home to someone that will appreciate them
    • Be a generous giver
  • Be a generous giver
  • Start small and focus on one room at a time 
    • Ask yourself: 
      • Do I want it?
      • Do I use it?
      • Do I need it?
      • Do I like looking at it?
  • Minimize the duplicates
  • Have a yard sale
  • Go digital as much as possible 
    • Bills, paperwork, music, movies, etc

Thinking about selling and haven’t found your dream home for this next exciting new chapter? We can help!

BuyingHomeownershipLifestyleSelling April 29, 2022

Your Tried & True Guide To Prioritizing Your Home Renovations

Whether you’ve bought a fixer-upper you’re eager to DIY your way to your dream home in your top choice Saskatoon neighbourhood, your home needs an update, or you’re looking to sell in the near future, you might question where to start. An additional worry might be that how do you stop once you start? Giving your home a facelift can also be contagious, influencing you to feel like tackling them all at once. Instead of making costly mistakes or risking choice paralysis, simply follow our guidelines to get the most value from your home renovations.

Where To Start

Once you have assessed all the areas of your home in need of some TLC, the best advice one could possibly give is to first address the spaces you will get the most use out of and the ones with the highest potential for the best return on your investment. Identifying these critical areas of interest can help you budget effectively in your home remodeling journey.

Kitchens and bathrooms can have a hefty price tag, but they are the high-ticket items that sell a property. These are also the spaces used most often, and thus, addressing them sooner rather than later can help improve your lifestyle. Additionally, it is usually easiest to get the more significant, messier projects out of the way first. These are often done before you move in to avoid feeling too displaced and disrupting your routine. If you are selling, you can happily communicate all of this additional value to future buyers!

Any lower priority updates can then be done over time and in a more cost-friendly fashion. Also worth mentioning is that although we may be excited to give some rooms a splash of new paint, structural improvements should always come before surface and cosmetic enhancements. 

Seasonality & Life Stage

If you have children, your home renovation needs will look different from the empty nester or retiree. While they might be okay with working their life around construction, those with children will need to consider how the project will affect how the family functions and what safety issues might arise. The different types of homeowners may also want to do similar projects for other reasons. A young family may decide to open up the kitchen and living spaces for better-lit spaces and improved sightlines to keep an eye on the kids. Alternatively, other homeowners’ goals may be more along the lines of opening the area to better entertain guests. It’s all about making the improvements that best suit your needs!

Weather is also a key player in the decision-making process. For example, exterior updates such as building a patio or painting cannot be done in the winter but switching out interior light fixtures can. The summer tends to be busier and promises more favourable weather conditions for renovations than the dead of the Canadian prairie winters. Wondering what you can tackle yourself right now? Check out our Spring Home Maintenance Checklist!

Saving You Precious Time & Hard Earned Money

Assuming funds allow, lumping multiple projects together can be the most cost-effective, especially when it comes to contractor labour hours and the inconvenience to your home life. For example, kitchen and bathrooms are often best done together as similar contractors are involved. If updates in plumbing are needed, it is easier to do it all at once. Sometimes, some decisions made at different times may not work cohesively, whether functionally or aesthetically. Thus, planning and budgeting accordingly are of the utmost importance.

It’s also easy to get drawn into the little things, so hiring a professional to care for the moving parts for specific projects can prove beneficial, allowing you to keep an eye on the bigger picture.


Whether you’re looking to buy your dream home or sprucing up your current home to sell and are not confident about where to start, you can count on our combined years of expertise and connections to guide you through!

Selling April 22, 2022

Selling a Home With All 5 Senses

When selling your house, most people think about how it looks; you want your home to look as beautiful as the memories you made there. However, appealing to buyers’ other four senses can help make them feel fully present in your home. Our five senses play an important role in processing the world around us and triggering our emotional responses. You can create a positive emotional reaction in potential buyers by appealing to all five senses and helping them imagine living in your home. 


Selling a House with Sight

This is the obvious one. Make sure to create a neutral clutter-free environment that buyers can imagine as their own. Neutral colours with an accent can help create a stylish and clean setting that is perfect for letting the imagination run wild. Try to tidy up as much as possible and keep the space appealing to your guests. If you have features in your home that make it feel more cozy, such as a fireplace, don’t be afraid to turn it on to make people feel comfortable. 


Selling a House with Sound

Find some relaxing or comforting music to play in the background during the house tour. Keep the music to a minimum, so it doesn’t overpower the conversation. For genres of music, you could match it to the season, such as Christmas music during the holidays, or pick sounds suitable for any season, such as lo-fi or jazz. 

If you have natural sound features, create a space where guests can enjoy them. For example, water fountains or other elements can add a relaxing atmosphere to your house. Wind chimes are another great way to welcome guests into the space and make them feel in touch with your home. 


Selling a House with Smell

While some people recommend using strongly scented products for cleaning, some research says that buyers prefer neutral or lightly scented spaces when touring your home. Therefore, it’s probably a good idea to skip on the scented candles or air fresheners, as buyers may feel you are trying to hide something. 

Instead, use light or unscented cleaning products and find ways to add more natural scents to your house. For example, baking before guests arrive can add that homey smell to your space. Another trick, if you’re short on time, is to put some vanilla or lemon on the stove. This can give the same welcoming atmosphere while not being too overpowering. 


Selling a House with Taste

While I wouldn’t recommend that you provide anything too labour-intensive, it may be nice to have some snacks or water for your guests. Consider buying in bulk and having a dedicated bowl of small candies for each walk-through to make it easy. Or, if you did that baking we mentioned earlier, consider putting some out for guests! This simple gesture will leave a lasting impression on your potential buyers. 


Selling a House with Touch

Make sure to display a variety of fabrics and textures around your house. This also adds to the visual appeal of your space. You should also vacuum the carpets and well and wash your floors. Not only is this a great practice for general cleaning and home maintenance, it also keeps unwanted graininess away and adds extra bounce and comfort underfoot. Put out the fluffiest blankets on your bed and add some throw pillows to add depth and variety. 

By engaging all five of a buyers’ senses, you can ensure that your house sticks out in their Saskatoon home search and maximizes its appeal for every tour. If you’re looking for additional help or support, you can contact us, and we would be happy to help you sell your home!