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Your Top Tips For Downsizing

Summer is quickly approaching, which for most folks means that it is time to undergo the great purge–getting rid of unnecessary clutter in exchange for feeling refreshed and ready for some much-needed relaxing. That is perfectly understandable, considering the unbeatable summers that Saskatoon offers. However, chances are that if you’ve ended up here, you’re likely preparing for the big move and don’t want to be carrying around the extra stuff you’ll end up throwing away later. Or, maybe you’re retiring and looking to cut back on expenses. Perhaps there’s just too much extra space as the empty nest syndrome starts to kick in? Either way, downsizing to a smaller home is looking better and better. 

The Perks

As counterintuitive as it sounds, switching out for a smaller space can be incredibly freeing. Larger homes can take a lot of upkeep, and you can find that you feel you’re constantly cleaning, exhausted from fixing maintenance issues or spending a small fortune for others to do it for you. Moving into a smaller home or condo can be more suitable to your needs while also decreasing your property taxes, home insurance, maintenance expenses and house utilities, freeing up your cash flow for breathing room. 

Additionally, your property has likely appreciated over time, making for a satisfactory return on your investment. Especially with the current need for housing inventory, it’s also a wonderful opportunity to allow some growing family to make the most beautiful memories in the home as you did. 

Downsize vs Declutter

Depending on where you are moving, a simple declutter may be in order. However, if there’s a drastic change in square footage, there will need to be a different approach. The difference between decluttering and downsizing is the purpose of appearance and functionality. Instead of storing it away, you remove it from your home entirely. 


Anyone that has ever moved before knows all about the stress of it. Therefore, it’s best to start downsizing as soon as it is decided. We know it’s not simple, so here are some top tips for a successful transition!

  • Measure the new space and evaluate what is really important to you
  • Find a place for everything
  • Divvy up sentimental items 
    • Sometimes it is easier to offload your belongings knowing that it is going home to someone that will appreciate them
    • Be a generous giver
  • Be a generous giver
  • Start small and focus on one room at a time 
    • Ask yourself: 
      • Do I want it?
      • Do I use it?
      • Do I need it?
      • Do I like looking at it?
  • Minimize the duplicates
  • Have a yard sale
  • Go digital as much as possible 
    • Bills, paperwork, music, movies, etc

Thinking about selling and haven’t found your dream home for this next exciting new chapter? We can help!